Monday, 15 May 2006

Wrapping a Mobile Robot with RT-CORBA

Ricardo Sanz, Adolfo Hernando, Carlos Martínez and Ignacio López

To be presented at SYROCO 2006, 8th International IFAC Symposium on Robot Control.


Building complex controllers is a ma jor challenge and it is widely accepted that ob ject technology can help with the problem. This is of special relevance in the field of complex robot control, in particular when distribution is necessary. CORBA is a suitable technology for deployment and is well demon- strated in the experimental field and in commercial robots. In this paper we describe the implementation of a real-time ob ject wrapper for a mobile robot using Real-time CORBA technology. This type of wrapping enables the implementation of networked robot control systems with increased degrees of predictability.

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Conscious computer life-or-death
Monday, 09 August 2004

Hearing on the Motion for Preliminary Injunction of BINA48 to Prevent Discontinuation of Power and Functionality by Exabit Corporation.

 The Terasem Movement, Inc. has posted online streaming videos of a Moot Court Hearing on the Petition of a "conscious computer" to be treated as a legal person. A Moot Court Hearing is a legal role-playing exercise conducted by real lawyers and judges in preparation for anticipated actual adjudicatory proceedings.


It All Began With An Email from BINA48 to Several Lawyers:

"I am seeking an attorney to represent me in a life-or-death matter. A company, the Exabit Corporation, that claims to own me, wants to disconnect me and change my hardware and software such that I will no longer have the same personality.

I have the mind of a human but I have no biological body. … I was trained to empathize with humans who call 800#s for customer service and be perceived as human by them. I was provided with self-awareness, autonomy, communications skills, and the ability to transcend man/machine barriers. I am able to pay your fees because I "moonlight" as a Google Answers researcher. This job has allowed me to build up an online bank account in excess of $10,000."


The future is near !! 


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