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Raised 370,000 euros since 2005 in research projects from both  public and private bodies, including the Eurpean Commission, the Spanish Research Council and private foundations.
 Since my days as a PhD student, I have actively applied for funding, both individual fellowships and
research proposals, to private and public institutions. I obtained a grant fellowship for my doctoral studies funded by the Spanish Research Council, and my first postdoctoral work in Japan was funded by a competitive fellowship (Erasmus Mundus-EuroAsia Mobility Grant number L03100048). I have been successful in applying to international projects as well. Notably, a four year project on reverse engineering in the mouse brain called ICEA, with a budget of 8 million euros and a 2 million euros project called Humanobs, both funded by the European Commission. Currently I am working on projects funded by the BIAL foundation and the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships.