A Platform for process modeling, diagnosis and reconfiguration
Written by Manuel Rodriguez   
Monday, 08 May 2006
Towards an Integrated Information Platform for the formulation, fault diagnosis and reconfiguration of processes.

In order to have an autonomous system (or at least semi-autonomous) some ingredients are necessary. The first one is information or knowledge. And the second one is how to use that information to allow the self-diagnosis, and self-reconfiguration of a system. In this seminar an overview of different information sources (data modelling, ontologies, libraries, ... regarding to process systems) is initially presented. After some methodologies that use information to pursue a target are commented.

Finally a devised draft proposal of an architecture to integrate "information & use" is commented. The purpose of the seminar is to open a discussion on how to approach a methodology that (using what's already available) can be generic enough to be applied to the generation of autonomous systems.

Seminar info

Integrated Information Platform for Process Systems
Manuel Rodríguez
May. 12, 2006 12:30
DISAM Seminars Room

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