ASys Project
Written by Ricardo Sanz   
Thursday, 17 November 2005

ASys Project

The ASys project is a long-term research line structuring project that serves as the main research organisation scaffolding in our group. Image

One of the main threads of ASLab research is the development of technology for Autonomous Systems Engineering. This means many things, from core platform technology to designs of intelligent autonomous systems and support methodologies.

Synthetically stated, the purpose of the ASys Long Term Project is the creation of science and technology for the construction of high autonomy systems.

This means at least:

  • A Theory of Autonomy (i.e. autonomous behavior): a cognitive systems extension of control theory
  • An engineering process to build any-level autonomous systems
  • Reusable assets to reduce development time and improve quality (as components and patterns)
  • Generic reusable architectures (may fall in the previous category)
  • Domain analyses at least in process control, mobile robotics and web services.
  • Demonstrators: the PCT and SOUL

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