Seminar on Cognitive Surfing: Exploiting coupling to hostile environments.
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Thursday, 19 February 2009
Next Friday Feb 27th at 12:30h M. Bedia will be presenting his latest work. Location: DISAM@ETSIIM Traditional perspectives in cognitive science put all the weight of performance on mechanisms internal to an agent who must attempt to find a viable solution to a problem. Environmental noise and uncertainties play a negative role in this view. In this talk, I will discuss three simple, but general examples of coupled agent-environment systems using the framework of dynamical systems theory in order to question these intuitions. We will study strategies keeping the maximum number of options open (versatile strategies), strategies that minimize the time to exchange the current solution by another one (flexible strategies) and strategies that use the stochasticity of the environment to improve the agent's behavior. In all cases, agents try to achieve their goals exploiting local conditions in their interactions with the environment, but not maximizing the quality or efficiency of the solutions.