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From: Wendi Darling
Subject: My Michaela - Part 3'The Final Touch' {Wendi} ( real con cd anal MB MG Gg inc G^g best g~dog ws ) [3!3] For some reason, the neighborhood parents trust me with their
precocious little honeys. Maybe it's because the children like me so much.
(I wonder why.) christina model member
In any event, since I'm usually home when their lovelies
return from school, if both of the parents will be absent at that time,
they ask me to watch their children at my house. nudest arts model
russian underground models Little do they know of
the sexual training that the kids get here. I was thrilled (and panting) when Ashley's young teen supermodels
and Brittany's parents
asked if would watch the two lasses one day after they got out of school.
Naturally I said, "Yes!" The school district had an early dismissal, and since both the girls'
parents work, it was prearranged that I pick up them up at school and drive
them home. Ashley sat next to me in the front seat and Brit was 'shotgun.'
She was constantly giggling and whispering boob model teen
in her sister's ear. We drove
into my garage and I ushered the girls inside. Ash had been in my house
before so she gave her sister the 'Grand remington model 1100
Tour.' At about the same time Mikki was at the front door. It was still warm
out so he was dressed in a cropped cotton T-shirt, skintight girl's jeans,
and sandals. He had his ears pierced and had taken a liking to dangly
earrings, and his now longish brown hair hung down becomingly to just below
the nape of his neck. Due to the fact that he was taking korea model sex female hormones,
the nipples on the vestiges of his budding breasts stood out perkily
against the material of his shirt. He looked just darling. His male
classmates had been taunting him unmercifully at school, but anita model young
she did what
any self-assured teenage girl would do to keep them pacified. He sucked
their cocks and offered his hole models asian prteen to anyone who free premodels nonude wanted preeteen model galeries it. We all went down to the family ('play') room where Brit said she
wanted to 'see' me. I thought that I'd give her a treat, so I went upstairs to my boudoir
and put on a pair of pink babydoll pajamas, fuzzy pink slippers, and a
sheer pink satin wrap-around. To top it all off, I put on a bit of makeup,
spritzed on a little French parfum, and combed out my hair. I was now
ready to go back to the youngsters. "Oh, my God, Ed," shrieked Brittany when se saw me descending the
stairs. calgary top models
"You look awesome. You're almost prettier than my Mom." That was, indeed, a big complement sweden teen models
because her mother and her look
almost alike, and Brittany is one drop-dead gorgeous little broad. "Well, thank you very much, honey," I gushed, "but I'm no way even
nearly as lovely as your Mom. And please call me 'Wendi' and call Michael
'Mikki' when we're here together and there are no other adults around.
Okay?" "Oh, yeah, cool," said Brit. "I can handle that." "Very well, then," I said as I kicked off my slippers and did a little
striptease while removing my wrap. I then slowly lifted the shoetree top up and off over my head,
exposing my breasts, and let the bottoms drop to the floor, leaving Brit to
gaze at my clitty limply hanging between my legs. She squealed with
delight at the sight of my almost nonude bikini model
totally hairless half-man/half-woman
body. Mikki and Ash quickly undressed and then helped Brittany off with her
clothes. pretten bikini models Her young twelve-year-old body building communications model was all that I had imagined it
would be. She was somewhat embarrassed to teen models elite be completely nude in front of a
large audience, but I assured her that it was all right, and seeing that
the rest of were also totally unclothe apparently reassured her. I put zeki bikini models her
to work with my hair trimmer and shaver removing the remaining hair, that I
could not reach myself, from around my clitty, scrotum, and pussy. She
went right to work, and she did quite an porn model search
excellent job of removal, as I
knew she would. She has the most delicate touch. The on-again/off-again boyfriend (?) and girlfriend, meanwhile, made
love on the floor abercrombie model guy as Brittany constantly glanced over at their antics while
finishing me up. She didn't knick me once, which is more than I can say
when I shave myself, but my clitty kuku model was now rock-hard from the tender touch
of her slender fingers. "Mikki, dear," I said, "why don't you come over to Wendi so euro girls model we can
show Brit how girls like us can really make love?" "I'm on my way, Wendi, my love," said Mikki as he hurried over to the
couch and got down on his knees between my widespread thighs. He took modeling child upskirt my cock in one hand and gently squeezed my Pissing model
balls with the
other. Then he bent down farther, kissed the head of my tool, and tickled
the piss slit with his tongue. I taught him well. asian video models "My God, do it already!" I groaned, as he wrapped his soft wet lips
around wallpaper supermodels the head. mommy models "Jesus, this is so awesome!" said Brittany. "I can't believe that
Michael ... I mean Mikki ... is actually sucking a dick." "Wait 'til you see what else they do, my dear sister," brittany teen model said Ashley. "Oh, yes, Mikki, oh, yeah, more," I moaned as that hot teen mouth slid
up and down my clitty. Finally, when I couldn't take it anymore, I grabbed Mikki by the hair,
and fucked his face until I emptied my entire reservoir of hot cum down his
ravaged throat. I pulled him up to me, and licked up the bit of my juices
that had leaked out around my rod from around his mouth. I then thrust the
whole of my tongue deep inside his mouth and entwined modello moto it with his. My cum
never tasted better! "Dear Lord, you're magnificent, honey," I told Mikki. I'm afraid that
soon you may teen modeling swimsuit surpass me as the "Number One Cocksucker! That was just
marvelous!" "Oh, wow!" ametek model 10 exclaimed Brit. "So that's why you sissies are always
hanging together! No wonder Ash always wants me to play with her clit and
pussy; she's not getting enough sex from you, anymore, teenage young model
Mikki." ukriane teen models "I get enough cock, between Mikki and Wendi, my dear Sis," said
Ashley, "and then there's Prince, amateur modeling 09 too. But wait 'til you see what those
two are going to do next, I think." "What did you mean by 'then there's Prince, too?'" "You'll find out soon enough, Brit. Don't worry about it. Now,
watch!" "You make me soooo hot, darling," I said to my Mikki. My pussy's sandra model diaper just
pulsating for you, and you do know what that means. You have to 'scratch'
my itch! nude nopi models Make sure that you grease me up nicely, dear. I'm not all that
drippy, yet." I got up from my semi-reclining position on the sectional sofa, and
climbed up on it on international child models my hands and knees, my elbows bracing my torso against
one of the side arms. Meanwhile, Mikki ran to get some lubricant, and amatuer model galleries
he returned, Ashley came over and spread my cheeks so that Mikki could more
easily grease my cunt crack. cruiser ship models
"Ooooo, that's so cold!" I squealed, as black model galleries
Mikki squeezed the cool jelly
into my hole. teen models freeones
"I'll warm it up nicely for you in a minute, sweetheart," said Mikki. Miiki's big clitty was rock-hard and standing straight out in front of
him, and while Ashley still held my 'pussy lips' bikini brunette model apart, he found his
target, and shoved his marvelous meat into me. "Oh, yes, honey, that's how!" I cried out in some slight pain, as he
slid his magnificent hardware all the way up my cunt. His balls slapped against my ass every time he thrust into me, while
my clitty flopped around between my spread-open thighs. Brittany watched
with her sensuous mouth agape while Ashley knowingly smiled at her. Mikki continued to service my sorry sissy ass for a good fifteen or
twenty-minutes, seesawing in and become model playboy out with an ever-increasing tempo. Any
amount of pain that I might have experienced earlier in the game had long
been replaced by a most sheer ecstatic rapture. I moaned and groaned in
sensual pleasure as my rectum was violated yet again in a most wonderful
way. I was always amazed at his stamina, as I'm sure asian model mature the girls were, also. "Oh, to be that young and vigorous, again," sexy cam model I thought to myself. I was soon roused out of my reverie when I felt my lover start to
stiffen and flare out inside me. He rammed me with the force of a stud
bull teen modeling sites and unleashed a torrent of teens party model warm, youthful balm into my bowels. I collapsed atop the armrest with Mikki jamie morin model falling on my back, his clitty
still deep in my pussy. When he finally recovered and was able to pull out
of me, I could feel the load of cum oozing out of my hole and onto my balls
and inner thighs. It was fortunate that I always have had the foresight to
keep covers over all the upholstered furniture. "You were excellent, as usual, baby," I said to Mikki, as he got down
between my legs to lick up his cum with Ashley's tongue right next to his.
"Thank you sooo much." "Well, I kinda had a little fun, myself," Mikki muttered between
licks. After the loving couple finished sucking out my hole and lapping up
any stray vestige of cum, I turned around and sucked Mikki's clitty clean
and then Ashley gave her boyfriend (?) a blowjob when my ministrations got
him topsite nude model
hard again. Brittany, meanwhile, stared astonishingly at all the thrilling dark
depravity that was happening right before her preteen eyes, and fingering
herself vigorously the entire time. Her virgin pussy was all puffy and red
with sexual desire. "I can't believe you do all those things!" she said. "You'll be doing some cool things in a couple of minutes," said
Ashley. "Like what?" said Brit. "You'll see," said Ash, as she ran to get Prince. When she came back with Prince at her heels, she made her teen model bambam
naked sister
sit on the floor next to him. "Okay, now what?" queried Brittany. "Now, you're gonna grab his cock and model pussy arting jack it," said Ash. "What? How?" asked her sister. "Here, I'll show you," said Ashley as she reached black preeteen models under Prince,
grabbed his sheath, and started stroking it. "Now, you do it!" "I'm not going to touch his thing!" said Brit, stubbornly. "You're going to top models child
do that and more if you don't want us to beat your
little butt raw!" replied lovely nude models
her sister quite sternly. "I'll tell Mom and Dad on you guys!" retorted Brittany. "Go little vlad model ahead, you stupid cunt!" said Ashley. "They won't believe you!
They'll think you're lying 3d missle model
as usual. I'll tell hot porn models
them you always crawl into
my bed at night and want to play with my pussy. Who do teen model femjoy
you think they'll
believe? A little liar like you or their sweet teenage daughter?" I was beginning to get worried about Brittany's threat to tell her
parents, but she then thought more about it and relented, and finally took
Prince's toll in her slender hand. russian video models
"Just move your hand up and down on it," instructed Ashley. "Eeeew!" cried Brit. "Something red's coming out of it!" "That's his penis, you asshole!" said Ash. "Keep jacking him until it
comes out all the way." "Gross!" said Brittany. "It's not gross and it's going to go in your vagina," replied her
sister. "You're not going to let him stick that big thing in my pussy, are
you? I might get pregnant!" "You're really dumb," said Ashley. "Prince can't get you prego.
You're human and he's a dog. That's not even close." Prince's teenmodel 17 yr cock was now extended to its full length and Brittany looked
more than just a little apprehensive. "Now, get on your hands and knees, you dumb shit," said Ash to Brit.
"You'll see, you'll like it. I did." With number teen model her sister's reassurance, Brittany dutifully submitted to her
sister's dominance and did as she was told to do. Prince was up on her in
a flash and his small naked models
cock found his mark without any assistance model teen boys
from the rest of
us. His experience mating with his sister apparently paid off. Since Brit
was a virgin, as was her sister until Prince had his way with her, his
first lunge ruptured her hymen and deflowered her. She cried out in
initial pain and bled slightly, but in no time at all she succumbed to the
pleasures of the lewd mating ritual. Her hips instinctively started to
rotate and gyrate, and her cute little ass and no longer virgin cunt moved
back to receive each one of Prince's furious inward thrusts. Ashley proudly watched her sister getting 16yr old models fucked for the first time.
She wanted to have Brit to have her cherry busted by Prince, just like hers
was, not too long ago. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God!" cried Bittany as Prince continued to ram
into her. "Good boy, Prince, custom model cars good boy!" They continued to rock back in forth in syncopated rhythm for several
minutes. Brit was moaning and groaning and encouraging Prince to keep it
up, while Prince was panting and salivating over his newest bitch's back,
and doing his most level best to impregnate her. teen panty models While the young girl was being deflowered and debased, Ashley, Mikki,
and I sat on the couch watching this momentous event and masturbating each
other to orgasm. "I feel something warm!" cried Brittany as Prince finally began to
empty his big balls community organizing model into her womb. Her inna nude model thin body then went into a 14 yo models series
of spasms as she experienced her first orgasm induced by a penis inside her
vagina. She cried out again as Prince's huge swollen knot czech porn models plugged her twat to
insure that none of his young model boy
sperm could escape. How was he to know that they
were a lifeless lot? He just instinctively wanted offspring. The two were
locked tightly together, as I figured they would be, and, as usual, Prince,
stud that he is, just tried to walk away from his little bitch after using
her. He does the bikini model crystal same thing to me all the time. "I can't get loose," whimpered Brit as Prince dragged her behind him,
his cock firmly lodged in her cunt. christina teen model "Just let him take you over to his bed and lie down with him for a
while," I told her sympathetically. That happens to me all the floridasunmodels nn
time, too,
and it's also happened to your sister and Mikki. Prince doesn't know any
better. He's through mating with you and that's all. His knot will shrink
pretty soon and you'll be able to get loose from your new stud. You just
have to lie down with him and top model seks be patient." Brittany let Prince drag her over to his bed in the far corner of the
room. He plopped down and so did alex shoulder model
she. Prince started to clean around his
cock even while still attached to Brit's cunt, and inadvertently licked it
and her swollen little clit. "Oooooo, that feels really good, Prince," said his little bitch. "You
can keep doing that forever!" In very short order, Prince's knot shrunk some more and we all heard
the wet pop when his cock came out of her. Ashley was immediately there,
prostrate between her sister's svetlana childmodel nude legs, art sex models lapping up Prince's and Brittany's
juices. Her eager tonguing caused her sister to get aroused and have her
second orgasm in the last half-hour. "I have to pee," said Brittany. "I think his cum wants to Really young model come out." "Can you wait, honey?" I asked. "I want you to do something for me." "Well, I gotta go kinda bad, Wendi," she replied. "Cross your legs and alex models put your hand or a cork in it," I kidded. "Hold
it for a couple of minutes and you can pee all you want, and it'll be lots
of fun. How about model preeten galleria
you and Mikki, Ashley? Do lilamber model you have to piss, too?" They both nodded. swimsuit model pics "Cool, guys, let's all go out in the back yard," I told them. "Like this?" asked Brit, indicating our combined nakedness. "What if
somebody sees us?" "Nobody can see into my backyard, silly," I said to her. "Have you
ever been able to?" "Noooo," she answered. "Well then let's go!" We all went out through the patio doors chemal teen model into the backyard and I lay
down on my back in the middle of the lawn. teenie models movies "Now what?" said Mikki, quizzically. "Now, you're going to do something to me that no one has done to me in
a long time, and it turns nudists modeling me on. You're going cindymodel teen model to give me a 'Golden
Shower,' kids," I said. "What's that?" asked Ashley. "You're all going to pee on me," I replied. "That's gross!" said Brittany, wrinkling her cute little nose. "No, it's not!" I said. "Do it just for me. Please. Pretty please." "Okay, we'll do it, already," said Brit. "I gotta go really really
bad now and I can't hold it anymore." Brit stood facing me and teen erotic modelling straddling my body at my shoulders and Ashley
did the same just below my hips. Mikki stood at my side, his ample clitty
in his hand. At the count of 'three' they all let loose top bikina models
with a warm
torrent of urine. Brit's stream was so forceful after holding it inside her for so long,
that it splashed over my chest, neck, and face and totally soaked my long
hair. Ashley thoroughly inundated my upper thighs, genitals and abdomen.
Mikki finished it off by spraying me from head to foot with his hot piss,
soaking the girls' legs in the process. It was heavenly! "That was so awesome and refreshing!" I cooed, "Now, it's your turn,"
I said as I had the trio lay down side-by-side on the piss-dampened grass. I stood over them and completely hosed them down from my showerhead.
The girls squealed in jordan model teen
delight and Mikki rubbed my pee all over his body. "You were right, Wendi," admitted Brittany. "That was super cool. We
have to do that again." "Anytime, but now we have to get clean," I said. "I don't think you'd
want to go home smelling like peed up panties, would you?" I had Mikki draw a delicious bubble bath in my large Jacuzzi tub,
while I went to fix a couple young photographic models of double Amarettos for him and me, and a
couple of cherry liqueur and seltzers for the girls. I'm sure that one
drink wouldn't make alcoholics out of either of the sisters. We then all got into the warm water and bathed each other while we
sipped our apéritifs. Once we were all clean and cuddly again, I went to
the kitchen and tossed a couple of pizzas into the oven, and we all sat
around noshing and drinking cokes while watching a sexy video 12yr models nude as we waited
for our hair to dry. dallas teen model
"When can we more stuff like this?" asked Brittany. "Anytime your little cunt desires, sweetie," I told her. "You're
'family,' now. Just drop over. You don't need an invitation. Just like
your sister and Mikki." Sometime after all our 'activities' were over, the clarion model 8044 girls' parents
phoned, and the sisters took off through the back yards. Brittany was not
likely to ever forget this visit. After pictures supermodels Mikki gave my cunt another good workout and I 'entertained' his
clitty in my mouth, we kissed and he went home to do his homework. I then
took a douche, drew myself another luxurious bath, and just soaked until amateur ebony model I
'pruned,' all the while draining half vladivostok models
a bottle of Gran Gala Triple Orange
Liqueur. I'm sorry to have to tell you that this the third and final
installment of my "My Michaela" trilogy, and I hope that you have not
minded that I condensed many, many days of 'activities' into just a few. strawberry nude model
did it solely to make it more entertaining and to keep your prurient
interest. Everything that occurred has been factual, and I recorded it to
the best of my memory. I have to admit fabricating some of the dialog
because it's almost impossible to remember youjng models
what is uttered exactly in the
throes of sexual passion. Perhaps I should think about audio and video
taping in the future, but I would hate to have incriminating media lying
around. Should any other happenings occur before the little darlings grow
up and find 'entertainment' elsewhere, I will definitely write about them. young video model Feel free to e-mail me. Wendi at

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