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From: erica milligan
Subject: Madeline and FLorenceThis is a story of lesbian sex. It involves two older
women and one young woman who actively engage in this
activity for their own pleasure. It is all consensual,
nobody is forced into doing anything they object to. If
you don't lie the subject cp girl sex pics
matter you should leave this
site immediatelyThe author of the story is previously wrote under the name of but because of a
misunderstanding that account was cancelled requiring me
to re-register.You may down load to story to your computer if you wish
for your own reading pleasure or you may send it to
friend but don't claim the cp porn magazine story as your own or publish
it in a journal that is published for the sake of profit.
If you are under eighteen perhaps you should leave this
siteIf you had contacted me under my former address will you
please contact me again as cp xxx tpg I have lost my address book
and I would like to keep in touch with boy girl cp fuck you all.Please send comments, whether good or bad preferably good
of course, to the above new address.
It's Thursday and Madeline still hasn't rung me,
whatever's holding the girl up, usually she's rung me by
this time, generally by Tuesday at the latest. She can't
leave it too late, I have arrangement to make regarding
the kids. I can't just drop everything and cp 3d toons go running to
her at movie cp lol incest a moments notice. If she hasn't rung me by this
evening I'll have to take the bull by the horns and ring
her. Quite a surprise when the phone`s answered, not what
I'd expected, it's her mother, Florence.Hi, she said, been dieing to meet you, Madeline has told
me all about you. That made my heart beat a bit faster,
just what has this girl been saying, hope it's nothing
too small girlscp intimate, her daughters cp nude movies been making love to me for a
couple rcp porn of weeks and, that's not the kind of thing I want
her mother kid cp incest to know.She's suggesting that we meet at the shopping centre on
Saturday morning as Madeline and I have been doing for
the last few weeks. I can think of things I'd rather do
than meeting her, not really looking forward to this but
maybe Madeline has had a j mcphate slip something to do with it. If only
she knew that I'm possibly wearing one of her mother's
bras and knickers that have got into my drawer through
Madeline and I swopping on Saturday mornings. If she sees
the bra I'm wearing through my blouse she might recognise
it, then there could really be trouble.The conversation goes off quite nicely and eventually
Madeline gets out of the shower dark studio cp porno and takes the phone off
her free cp nudist mum. Hi darling! Oh, I hope her mother's not
listening to "hi darling" I'll die of embarrassment if
she is. When kds cp ranchi I ask Madeline about it she just says cp kids
she, that's her mother, is doing something over there but
where is over there? She could still be in the same room
doing anything and hearing everything that Madeline's
saying, this is just too angels cp embarrassing.Go kinder cp tgp outside where she can't hear you and we can talk in
private.Erica, I've told you before about speaking out of turn
haven't I? If I decide to go outside it won't be cp forums
you cp sites potal told me to but because I've illegal russian cp decided to. All of this
could well be going on within earshot of her mother. Her
mother might be impressed with her daughter's brusqueness
towards me or else think that I'm so stupid for taking
this kind of treatment from her. However, perhaps having
some sympathy for me, she does cp free movie
go outside so we can speak
in private.What's going on Madeline? How does she know about us?
Have you been telling her about 3d cp incest our meetings at the
shopping centre?No it just came up in casual conversation that I'd met
you a couple of times there and what a nice morning we'd
had, I'd only told her tiny nudist cp
that we'd been shopping together.
Oh, thank goodness for that. I'm not sure that I would
want porno cp video her to know any cp galleries erotic more. I'd rather she knew nothing at
all.I'll be at the usual place on Saturday morning and we'll
go for coffee as usual, mums' quite looking forward to
meeting you, I've underground illegal cp
told her so much about you. She thinks
you're a real classy woman. Frankly, she's baffled at how
you manage to cp porn children put up with your kids, she freaks out with
just me to look after.I'm on edge all the rest of the week, not looking forward
to meeting Florence but it seems as though I can't get
out of it. As luck would have it we meet in the car park
and, as I've said before, it's quite dark there, we're
only a little way in and it's covered over so there isn't
a lot of light.Madeline spots me children cp sex
and dashes over to meet me and kisses
me with great enthusiasm, complete with the tongue. I'm
absolutely scared out of my wits, her mother is only a
short distance away and Madeline calls sickest sex sites cp her over to meet
me. Madeline's still got her arm around me and her hand
is not too far from my breast, I'm frightened that it may
move and touch me, don't know that I could resist it.Mum, I'd like you to meet my very good friend tgp cp sex Erica,
Erica, this is cp kids sex
my mum, Florence. I can see a woman of
about my height, quite pretty in an "older woman" kind of
way cp photos
and with blonde hair cut fairly short for comfort in
this kind of climate. I can see where Madeline's
personality comes from, Florence is obviously an outgoing
person too and she kisses me too. Hope you don't mind
Erica, I've heard so much about you, I feel that I've
known you for ages. Wow, breasts had come perhaps too
close together for comfort, fortunately, we hadn't
touched.Madeline took charge, as usual, and led us to the pic cp caf‚
where she installed Florence and I in the seats she and I
usually occupied and where we wouldn't be too much on
display. She went to the waitress that she'd smiled at
last week, the smile apparently being intended to nude cp underground tiny tease
although it would have been difficult to recognise that
she's the same girl that ranchi lol cp
had come in last week "dressed
to kill". But I guess the waitress had just figured out
just who she was, she's not slow at coming forward is
Madeline because as she's ordering for us she's holding
the waitresses illegal cp kid hand quite close to tenn tgp cp
her thigh, very
cheeky.I've ordered cappuccino for both of you, I won't be long,
I've just got to meet one of the girls from shy cp
school at the
underwear shop over there. What a damned lie, as soon as
the waitress has dark alexx cp lover served us she disappears hot cp porn for a while and
I spot her over near the underwear shop having what
appeared to be a very animated conversation with
Madeline. The little bitch is holding the waitresses hand
again, I'm getting either very angry or very jealous,
perhaps, its little of both.
I have to remember that I've got company but fortunately
she's chatting away about inconsequential things that
don't require me to think of cp child rompl
an answer apart from saying
aha, or yes or no. I'd better start child sex porno cp
concentrating though
or else she'll really start to get the feeling that I'm
an unfriendly woman. The conversation turns to kids baby fuck rompl cp and I
particular teenage one's, I know some of the answers
because I've got a few of Ethnic women picpost them, teenagers that is.
Generally they're very nice but there are times when I
could quite cheerfully send them to grandma's to live.
Not much trouble with the boys, probably because dad is a
big man, but the girls are so wilful and at times
unbearable and my husband had no idea how to deal with
girls, that's my job. I only had to think back to my
teenage years and I'm prepared to admit to having put on
some nasty tantrums too.Florence was doing the parent thing and complaining about
Madeline and the way she was cp girls anal
always taking her clothes
without permission. Why, she said, I think she's even
been wearing my knickers and bras too. Oh, and I can't
find a lovely pair of stockings that I bought recently
just in case I got invited somewhere "posh".On dear, if only Florence realised that I cartoon sex cp girls could be
wearing her undies at this very moment she'd have a fit.
I think your stockings are lovely, cp magazin porn
what brand are they
Erica. Really I have no cp porn backdoors idea, just supermarket stockings,
don't wear any thing special for through the week, only
when there's something special to do. Just plain
stockings with the lacy welt, generally I boys sex cp
find that some
brands are quite good and others are too loose on my
thighs and won't stay up.At this time I'm getting a bit upset cp sex porn ru
with Madeline for
leaving us, two comparative strangers, alone with not
much to talk about. Out of the blue, Florence asks me
about some TV show that's shown locally, couple of men in
it that are supposed to be "hot", can't tell her that I'm
more cp porn pink interested in shows with women in them, find that
they are more my kind of eye candy as I believe Americans
call them, just love to look like Halle Berry, she's
beautiful, but, there are plenty more besides.Some of the local beauties are kidz cp very nice too. I wouldn't
have to think too hard to think of a couple that I'd like
to take me 32 acp brass
to bed, no names of course, don't want to ruin
their careers.Oh damn, she's spilt some coffee on my stockings,
fortunately it's almost cold so no damage there but she's
trying to cp cunny wipe it off my stockings and at the same time
she's pushing my skirt out of the way trying to find out
how far it's gone. Now, this is embarrassing, my skirt is
now just about level with my stocking tops and I'm sure
my cp illegal tgp knickers are on general display.Oh, I'm so sorry Erica, let me take you down to the
ladies and perhaps we can do a better job there, if
necessary I can always take them off for you and rinse
them in the hand basin. Now, this is getting to be
intimate, being kdz lol cp with Madeline is "hot" enough for me but
to have her mother playing round my pussy could be
disastrous. There's still a little moisture there from
our first early morning kiss and if she just happened to
touch me I may start to leak even more. Damn it, where is
Madeline, I wouldn't care if it was her taking my
stockings off but her mother, what embarrassment.What neither Florence nor myself knew was that all this
time, Madeline had been watching from a little distance
away to see how we we're going and whether we'd made any
progress towards, perhaps, being intimate. Florence is
still fusing about and looking at something on my blouse,
damn she's pulled a button open, she's getting a quite
good look at my breast. Things are starting to get a
little bit hot when nude cp guestbook Madeline comes back and asks "how are
my two favourite girls doing"? She's noticed that my
blouse is open and without asking she ilegal cp sex
reaches across and
starts fiddling with the buttons, didn't know that it
would need for the rest of them to open before they could
all be fastened. Florence whistled under her breath, wow,
what a nice set of boobs she said and Madeline said
didn't I tell cp porn tgp
you she's got lovely set, I just can't see
enough of them.I've got to get out of here, illegal cp tgp I'm now kds cp pics
not in condition to
sit around here and talk with these two ladies, I'd
rather be outside where there might be a cool breeze,
it's far too hot in here. So, the two ladies take me back
to the car but not before Madeline and the waitress hold
hands and have a kids porno cp little chat and a kiss before they
separate. I think they've aleady exchanged phone numbers
and lovely porn illegal cp
if they illegal cp kiddy portal
have the waitress needs to think about what
she's doing because Madeline free xxx cp will erotic cp stories
have her very quickly
if I'm any judge.Back to where we went the first time Erica, down by the
deserted beach, we can have a walk on the sand there,
nobody else goes innocent cp free there these days she said to her mother.
We can take our shoes off and make ourselves comfortable.
I'm not going to ruin a reasonably good pair of stockings
walking on the sand cute cp so I'm going to take my stockings cp kids potno off
but Madeline stops me and says "you know I like to take
your stockings off for you Erica". I swallowed with
embarrassment thinking what the hell does this girl think
she's doing to me. Her mother won't need too much of an
imagination to realise that sex cp nude pics we've been intimate on more
than one occasion and that Madeline is the dominant
partner.I don't seem to have cp kiddy fuck any say in the matter because she
sits me down on a tree stump and proceeds to roll my
stockings down my legs and as she sees Florence doing the
same she tells her to wait and tiny tits cp
not be so damned
impatient. So, mine are off and both of these women have
seen up to my knickers, much to my embarrassment, when
Madeline kneels in front of her mother, pushes her back
onto the sand and starts to roll her stockings down too.
Wow she says, didn't expect to see two such pretty pairs
of knickers in one day, let Erica have a look Florence.
With that she lifts Florence's skirt and shows me all
that's hidden under there and not content with that she
lifts her own skirt and shows both of us her knickers,
not the usual little teenage girl knickers but real live
sexy one's, lacy silk ones, mine if I'm not mistaken.Madeline knows my predilection for young women, of
course, and therefore she can guess that I'm `hot" but
how about her mother, she seems to be interested too.Let's go for a paddle, and while the waves at this beach
are only tiny we all lift our skirts up to make sure they
don't get wet. For some, it must have been a lovely view,
three women cp kdz rompl
with very lacy knickers on display but there
wasn't anybody to enjoy it.
After a while Madeline asked if I had water in the car
again and was the piece of towelling in the glove box. I
threw the key ls cp ped
to her and I flopped back on the sand
staring at the sky. Thank you Erica, Florence said as she
leaned darkcollection cp porn across and kissed me, it's been lovely, can't
remember when I had so much fun doing very little. You're
going to ask if I enjoyed the kiss aren't you, of course,
it was very nice but as she kissed me again Madeline
returned. In mock anger she said, couldn't wait for me
could you, supposed to be my tart and she dropped to the
sand to also banned xxx cp
steal kiss from me.This is getting out of hand because Madeline's kiss has
been a full on tongue kiss and as she pulls away from my
mouth she turns her head and gives the same kiss to
Florence. I'm not sure whether Florence is stunned but I
am, I've never free cp thumbs seen a girl kiss her mother like that
before and I'm sure rusian cp Florence has never seen Madeline kiss
another woman with so much passion and skill. I'm sure
we're both stunned by this event but Madeline is her
usual calm self and gives both of cp gallery free
us another kiss, not
quite as sensuous this time, but she all kds cp wants us on our feet
ready to move.I'd presumed that she was going to take us back to the
car but no, she's taking us in the opposite direction
towards we'd been the first time. The same piece of
crumbly wall was apparently our destination and lifting
us both up, one at a time of course, and seating us close
together she put herself between us. I know what happened
the last time I was here but nude cp what's next is, at this
moment, a mystery. I only knew that something momentous
was about to happen, and I didn't have long to wait to
find out. She took me in her arms first and kissed long
and hard and made sure that Florence saw her tongue enter
my mouth and my mouth gleefully accept it, then, she
loosened her grip on me and repeated the same newsgroup cp erotica kiss on
Florence. I think I was more aroused watching her kiss
Florence than I was when she kissed me. When they both
came up for air, Florence was a little short of breath
but if she was annoyed by being kissed by her daughter
she certainly didn't show it because she kissed Madeline
slowly and softly on her mouth next and with as much
passion as Madeline had demonstrated on her.There will be no prizes for guessing what happened next,
Madeline ordered Florence and cp pussies
I to kiss each other,
that's probably an extreme statement free cp gallery because I think we
were both looking for it and I think we did a reasonably
good job, we were both panting at the end. Unbeknown to
us, during candid asian cp the course of the kiss, Madeline had slid her
hand up our legs, one hand illegal nude cp sites for one girl and she was
exploring my bottom, don't know what she was exploring on
Florence, perhaps she was able to get to her pussy but I
didn't care, I was doing OK on my bottom.This was the time when we should have said that's enough,
but we didn't, so Madeline continued to feel my bottom
and eventually her wet finger entered the expectant hole.
Florence seemed to be having the same difficulties that pics girl cp I
was having, that's continuing the kiss and lowering her
body onto what ever it was that was tormenting her. I
didn't know who was going to get it but both of us wanted
more, free sex cp needed more and a decision had to be made. I wanted
what she'd done to me the last time here which was to
fuck me like a man, pussy to pussy or clit to illegal cp
clit but on
this occasion she wasn't going to be the one to do it.
Florence and I were turned to face very expensive porn cp each other, our skirts
were lifted, we were pushed closer together and then we
got the picture.Our clits were together and we were thrusting like two
rutting rams, push, push, push just ramming them together
gasping for breath with sweat pouring from every pore of
my body. My kid sex pic cp eyes had been closed but I didn't need them
open to kiss Florence, the heat from her mouth told me
exactly where she was and if the places that my hands and
arms were any indication, she lsmix return cp was in the same condition
that I was. bondage picpost
I took my tongue out of her mouth intending
to ask her if she was OK but she just pulled me back and
in the same bossy tone that her daughter had used to me
told me to keep fucking her, because she's almost there.
The feeling when her body started to convulse with her
orgasm was wonderful and I enjoyed being there to help
her over the hill. Needless to say, I needed her just as
much when my orgasm exploded inside me.Madeline held us both until we subsided, probably as well
or both of us would have cp hardcore child collapsed in the proverbial
heap. For a finale, Madeline leant both of us on the wall
and lifted our skirts to expose out knickers and kiddy porn cp pulled
them down. Without question we let her remove them and
put them on the wall, thinking that this was the end.
Florence and I turned free cp porno to face each other but Madeline
turned us back to the wall, xxx cp
making us lean on it and she
proceeded to finger our bottoms with juice out of each
others pussies, oh dear, I'm absolutely dead beat.Rather than go home in the condition I was in we all went
back to Florence's place where we could get a clean up
but what I didn't nude cp gallery tell you is that we continued with the
ritual of exchanging knickers even though they were
soaking wet, and even though she hadn't engaged in as
much sex as we had I went home in Madeline's knickers but
I had to promise cp tgp porn that the cp paysite next time Florence got to wear
them for at least a day.

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